Current Affairs PDF for December, 2017

Although  there are many current affairs available on the web, but most of them suffer from the same problem : lengthiness. They are too long that they eventually becoming boring to read. This PDF capsule is designed specially for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL aspirants. It is crisp and short. Information is provided precisely and to the point. Beside this, most of the events happened in that duration are duly covered.

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December 2017 Current affairs collage

A collage showing various affairs & events, happened in December2017.

December, 2017 began with a series of events which are covered in this pdf capsule. You may also like December important days. Subscribe to this blog for more such current affairs.

To mention some event, here is a small list :

  1. National Nutrition Mission
  2. Union Cabinet approved the NNM with 3 years investment of 9000 crore INR with aim to reduce Malnourishment and Stunted Growth.3 areas of focus are:StuntingUndernourishment

    Low birth weight and Anemia

    It is a Tri-ministerial Effort Ministry of Women and Child Development, M/o Health and Family Welfare, M/o Drinking Water and Sanitation


    1. BIMSTEC Coastal Shipping Agreement

    Bay of Bengal Multi-sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation Agreement during meeting in Delhi to discuss modalities for Coastal Shipping.

    Coastal Shipping – Shipping within 20 Nautical Miles of the Sea. It requires low cost and smaller vessels and easy to transport. BIMSTEC started in June 1997 by Bangkok Declaration, its Headquarters are in Dhaka Bangladesh.


    1. Soil health Card Mobile App

    On the 5th of December, World Soil day, SHC App was launched to benefit field level workers, and Capture GIS (Geographical Information services) coordinates. World Soil day was declared on 5th December 2014 in UN General Assembly. Soil Health Card Scheme of Govt. of India is in 75:25 ratio between centre and states.


    1. MSME Sambandh Scheme

    It is a public procurement Portal launched recently by the Government to Monitor the implementing the procurement of Medium Small Micro Enterprises by Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE). Procurement Policy was launched in 2012 that makes it mandatory of CPSU to procure annual goal of at least 20%. It is to be noted that MSME is the 2nd highest employer after Agriculture.


    1. Lakshya Scheme

    Labour Room Quality Improvement Scheme. A mobile app for workers who manage normal & completed deliveries in peripheral areas. To reduce preventable maternal deaths and newborn deaths. To be implemented in Government hospital, community health centres.

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