Although  there are many current affairs available on the web, but most of them suffer from the same problem : lengthiness. They are too long that they eventually becoming boring to read. This PDF capsule is designed specially for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL aspirants. It is crisp and short. Information is provided precisely and to the point. Beside this, most of the events happened in that duration are duly covered.

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March 2017 Current Affairs

A collage showing various affairs & events, happened in March 2017.


March, 2017 began with a series of events which are covered in this pdf capsule. You may also like March important days. Subscribe to this blog for more such current affairs.

To mention some event, here is a small list :

  1. INS Viraat Decommisioned

World’s oldest aircraft carrier was decommissioned in Mumbai. It was a centaur class ship if Indian Navy and was the top Ship in INS before Commissioning of INS Vikramaditya (Soviet-era) in 2013. It was called HMS Hermes in Royal Navy when began service in 1959 before transferring to Indian Navy in 1987. INS Vikrant is getting built with US help.


  1. Kurukh Language

West Bengal government has given official status to Kurukh language as UNESCO has listed it as an Endangered language. Rajbangshi/Kamtapuri spoken in parts of North Bengal also is recognized by WB Govt. Kurukh is part of North Dravidian Group of Languages (malto, also known as Paharia). Kurukh is spoken by almost 18 lakh people and is written in Devanagari Script. It is spoken by Oraon tribes of Chotta-Nagpur Plateau and some areas of Bangladesh.

191 languages of India are Vulnerable or Critically Endangered.


  1. Operation Thunderbird

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau and Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC) conducted this operation to curb wildlife crime. 2524 species of live animals, 20kg elephant ivory, 1 tiger skin , 9 carcasses, 1  jar of snake venom and 1 Indian Mujtac skin was seized. Operation Save Kurma  was also carried out from 15 Dec 2016 to 30th January 2017 to save Turtles.

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