SSC CGL Tier III Descriptive English Paper Sample Letter 1

CGL Tier 3 is a very important exam to secure a government job in SSC. Given below is a sample letter to give you a rough idea about how to write a letter for SSC CGL Tier 3.

——————————————- Start of Letter ——————————————-


21 – A, Park Street,

XYZ Colony,

Gurgaon – 122001


26th January 2017



Municipal Commissioner,

Municipal Commissioner Gurugram


SUBJECT: In regard to ill-conditioned roads and lack of amenities


Respected Sir,

I am Neha Singh, a teacher by profession and I am a resident of XYZ Colony. With this letter, I intend

to bring attention to the problem of poor roads in my area.

The roads in my locality are in a bad shape. There are potholes which get filled with water during rainy

season. This causes a lot of discomfort and muddy roads. The street roads in nearby areas are broken

and driving on such path is cumbersome.

The and pollution as a result of broken roads where dirt is exposed creates a menace for those whose

houses are on the main street directly. In the past of one year, there have been no attempts to mend

the roads or build a  new one. This has caused a lot of discomfort to the citizens of my area including



No street lights are functional in the night-time which is a problem for the pedestrians. Moreover,

women are not so safe as they could be if there were street lights, installed and working.

Therefore, as a concerned citizen, I want to make you aware of the shortcomings in providing us with

civil facilities and request you to take a keen look into the matter.

Positive actions taken by you in helping us get rid of these problems will be very much appreciated. I’ll

be thankful to you for your efforts in this matter.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Neha Singh

Enclosing – Photographs of Park Street


—————————–—-——– End of Letter ——————————————-

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