SSC CGL Tier III  Descriptive English Paper Sample Letter 2

CGL Tier 3 is a descriptive type exam. One needs to be creative and innovative. Given below is a sample letter to give you a rough idea about how to write a letter for SSC CGL Tier 3.

——————————————- Start of Letter ——————————————-


29/P, Pocket-6,

Saket, New Delhi – 110021


15 August 2017


Mr. ABC,

The Principal,

X School of Economics,

New Delhi.


SUBJECT: Request to increase security in college campus


Respected Sir,

I am Smita Pathak, a student of 2nd year in your esteemed college. This institution is a prime learning for

thousands of students including women, for whom I want to bring attention.

Security is loosening in and around the campus day by day. Students have witnessed a lot of

inappropriate treatment of female students by some repressive male students. More problem is faced

when girls have to wait for some work after regular college hours. The empty halls and classroom tend

to create an eerie sense of being unsafe in their own college.

Outside students easily enter the campus on one premise or other due to weak gate security. The

guards who show carelessness and as a result even some antisocial elements roam around freely in the

college campus.

The parking lot just outside the college is frequented by fringe elements and eve-teaser. This arise an

important issue that girls are not safe here and it could become troublesome to handle at a later stage.

This can be though managed by few but effective steps.

Increase the number of guards would definitely check the nuisance in the campus halls. Moreover,

better gate security and frequent ID checks will ensure that no other person, other than those who are

students here, enter the college.

Installation of CCTV cams in Canteen and Cafeteria will add a layer of security and girl students will feel a

lot safer to sit around and eat in cafeteria. Finally, Cab facility to students who are working late and

proper gating and fencing of the parking lot is essential for security, safety and well-being of female

students in the college.

I firmly hope that you will pay attention to the issue and I expect that appropriate steps would be taken

to bring the sense of safety and thus making this institution best among all.

Thanking You !


Yours Sincerely,

Smita Pathak


—————————–—-——– End of Letter ——————————————-

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